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eater's Ero Evaluations: Gal*Gun 2

2020-05-27 VReroge

Gun*Gal 2

Ok here we fucking GO

The Gun*Gal series is apparently known for their lewd gameplay, so -of course- I bought it. and jesus, it's a fucking blast

Plot is simple: an angel gives you a pheromone blaster and every girl is totally in love with you. Now you shoot them with the pheromone blaster till they get weak in the knees and disintegrate.

Yep. there's some more plot, involving a demon (who makes LOADS of HELL puns) and an angel but who gives a shit, you get to shoot cute anime girls.

The gameplay is basically a shooting gallery, girls come at you, you shoot them, you pin point their weakness and it's a one-shot "kill". Sometimes they spawn with demons on them and you need to shoot the demons off before you can "kill" the girl, and then you can either suck up the demon or shoot them till they dissapear.

When a girl comes too close to you she will offer you love letters or push you over and either rub their feet on your crotch or give you kisses, this will give you a pink border and I guess you'll die when you've had too much.

For all this you get rewarded with decoration for your room or snacks, the snacks you can give to a select amount of girls to advance their story.

I have played now for like 3 hours, and if you have the money -and- a VR headset I can defintely recommend it, just for the fucking gameplay, it's load of fun :)

Is it very lewd? not really, it's about Anime Fan Service level lewd.
Is it fun? Very much.

Thanks for reading my Grown Out tweet.


Gal*Gun 2