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2020-05-19 dev

This is it, this is the start.

My very own blog, with blog software written by myself, because of course I want features that's not in any other software.

This whole blog is a single PHP class (300 lines of code!), which reads a config.toml, games/*.md, posts/*.md, and pages/*.md and builds the whole "database" of this blog in-memory. and this all in *checks notes* 22ms.

Of course this won't scale, so for that reason I have added "cache", if no listing.json is found, it will write this whole in-memory database to disk in JSON, and when it exists it will use this instead of reading all markdown files.

The markdown files are split in 2 parts, split by ---, the top part contains the metadata in toml, and the bottom part is Just Markdown™, see the following example:

title = "Lorem ipsum"
description = "I know about 2 latin"
date = 1997-02-01T13:37:00
tags = ["latin", "why"]
Hey click [here](

Outside that, all pages are rendered in Twig, because twig is nice.

Well, see ya soon for as Turtle coined it, eater's Ero Evaluations aka, E3.

Also might review all the monster I bought, idk. just see this as me tweeting, but it's way over the 280 character limit.

All the source, including the blog posts, are available at: